Things to Try

We give you some example sentences to control you Vobot, or you can check this link: Things to Try

Time and dates

• "What time is it?"

• "What time is it in Tokyo?"

• "When's Thanksgiving?"

• "How many days until summer?"


• "How many ounces in a cup?"

• "How many euros in a dollar?"

• "How far is 5 kilometers in miles?"

People and places

• "How old is Chuck Norris?"

• "What's the capital of Costa Rica?"

• "How many people live in Wyoming?"

Spelling and definitions

• "How do you spell 'misspell'?"

• "What's the definition of indefatigable?"

• "Tell me another word for helpful"

Toss out the abacus

• "What's 99 divided by 12?"

• "What's the square root of 9,801?"

Win the bar bet

• "What was Harrison Ford's first movie?"

Search Wikipedia

• "Wikipedia artificial intelligence"

Get to know Alexa

• "Alexa, what's your favorite movie?"

Not all questions have to be serious

• "What's the difference between Under Pressure and Ice Ice Baby?"