How to voice control the playback?

Basic Music Commands

To do this...

Say this...

Adjust the volume

"Volume up / down."
"Set volume to level [number]."

Hear details about the song

currently playing

"What is this?"
"Who is this?"
"What song is this?"
"Who is this artist?"
"When did this song/album come out?"

Stop the song currently playing


Play or resume paused songs or tracks


Set or cancel a sleep timer

"Set a sleep timer for [x] minutes / hours."
“Stop playing music in [x] minutes/hours.”
"Cancel sleep timer."

Go to the next or previous song*


Loop the music queue**


Shuffle songs**

"Stop shuffle."

Repeat songs***

"Repeat this song."

Advanced Music Commands

To do this...

Say this...

Play a song

"Play some music.'"
"Play the song, '[title].'"

Play an album

"Play the album, '[title].'"

Play music by an artist

"Play songs by [artist]."

Play songs by genre

"Play some [genre] music."
"Play some [genre name] music from iHeartradio."

Play a playlist

"Listen to my [title] playlist."
"Shuffle my [title] playlist."

On Echo Show: Browse your music

"Show me my playlists."
"Show me albums by [artist]."
"Show me rock songs."

Music Services

To do this...

Say this...

Play Amazon Music Unlimited

"Play [song / album / artist]."
"Play some music."
"Play [emotion] music."
"Play the song that goes [lyrics]."
"Play a playlist."
"Play brand new music."
"Play new [genre]."
"Play [decade genre]."
"Play [station name]."
"Play [playlist name]."
"Play [holiday] music."

Play Prime Music

"Play [song / album / artist] from Prime Music."
"Play some Prime Music."
"Play a Prime playlist."
"Play [station name] from Prime."
"Play [playlist name] from Prime Music."
"Play new [genre] from Prime Music."
"Play [artist] first single from Prime Music."
"Who's the lead singer for this [band]?"
On Echo Show: "Show me [songs / playlists / genres] from Prime."

Play a custom station (iHeartRadio, and Amazon Stations )

"Play my [artist / genre] station on [Prime Music / iHeartRadio]."

Play a radio station (TuneIn and iHeartRadio)

"Play [station frequency]."
"Play the station [station call sign]."
"Play the station [name]."

Play a podcast or program (TuneIn and iHeartRadio)

"Play the podcast [title]."
"Play the program [title]."

Like / Dislike a song (Amazon Music, iHeartRadio)

"Thumbs up / down."
"I [like / don't like] this song."

Skip to the next song (Amazon Music, and iHeartRadio)

Note: iHeartRadio accounts are
limited to six skips per hour per station (for up to 15 skips per day across all custom stations). Prime Stations offer unlimited skips.

Take a frequently-played song out of the rotation (iHeartRadio, and Amazon Stations )

"I'm tired of this song."

Create a station iHeartRadio

"Make a station for [artist]."
"Create an iHeartRadio station based on [artist]."