How to turn off the alternate DNS server setting on my phone/laptop?

DNS servers, also known as domain name servers, match domain names such as to its server's IP address – making it much easier to visit websites than typing in

If you don't know where to change your DNS settings, you're likely fine; your computer by default automatically picks up a DNS server from the Wi-Fi router, and so you'll get the DNS server your Wi-Fi expects you to use automatically. And that's good, at least you won't need these tips.

If you've ever added Google DNS, OpenDNS, or any other alternative DNS to your network settings, though, that may be a problem. The setup procedure of the Vobot expects DNS server to be automatically assigned. To fix that, just open your DNS settings and remove any alternate DNS servers. Here's how:

With that done, try turning off your Wi-Fi and turning it back on — and the setup procedure can go through.

If not, you might need to clear the DNS cache on your computer. Here's how:

Now try re-connecting to your Wi-Fi connection, and it should work.

Tip: Once you're connected, you could add your own DNS server setting back‚ something that can speed up your page load time and get around some content restrictions. For that, Google DNS ( | and OpenDNS ( | are two great options to use.