Will my password, purchasing information or any credential be delivered to the Vobot Team after I enter my Amazon password?

No. We concern about users' data security and privacy. Please allow us to explain it as follows:

Vobot App and myvobot.com allow users to manage and configure their Vobot devices. For users’ convenience, we adopt a method of "Login with Amazon" in our App, which complies with industry standard. It is the same with "Login with Facebook" / "Login with Google", and this kind of third-party login will not let the platform being used acquire users’ purchasing information, password, or any credentials. When you login, myvobot.com/Vobot App will redirect to the Amazon Alexa server's login server (you can take note of the change of URL in the address bar), and thus the password will be submitted to Amazon directly. Here, except the user name and the email, no other information will be shared to Vobot.

For more information, please search "customer profile Login with Amazon" in Google or visit this link: https://developer.amazon.com/docs/login-with-amazon/customer-profile.html

Meanwhile, according the requirement of Amazon, to integrate Amazon Alexa Voice Service, Vobot needs to login with Amazon so that our users can talk with Alexa. All of the conversations between users and Vobot are transferred to Amazon only, Vobot does not collect or store any voice record. Vobot is officially certified by Amazon, and it is in full compliance with the requirement of "Alexa Voice Service Terms and Agreements".

Besides, according to research, the reason why many websites include a social login is that compared to establishing a new account, users prefer to use an existing account for ease of management. Please refer to this link: https://conversionxl.com/blog/social-login/

Thus, please don’t worry, your data security and privacy is protected.