How to fix the problem when the screen appears connecting to Wi-Fi ssid = recovery password = 88888888?

Please try the troubleshooting steps as below:

- Charge your Vobot and keep it open;

- Open your mobile phone's personal hotspot; (not the Vobot hotspot - xxxx)

- Rename your phone's hotspot to "recovery" (DO NOT CAPITALIZE THE FIRST LETTER! All are lowercase letters), and change the password to "88888888";

(If you are using iPhone or iPad: to rename the hotspot, please refer to this link:; to change the password, please refer to this link:

If you are using Android phone: please refer to this link:

Connect your Vobot to this phone's hotspot;)

- Wait for about 5 minutes, your Vobot will automatically connect to your phone's hotspot. Then, Vobot will recover as normal. After that, please set up again in or Vobot App, and then you can connect your Vobot to your Wi-Fi network.