Static IP Method for Setup

In some cases, you may have difficulty setting up the Vobot using standard method (e.g. when your router is AT&T NVG589 or TP-LINK TL-WAR308). Then, please try the Static IP Method.

Please note that: This method only applies to firmware version 0.98.3 or above.

Please update your Vobot first.

1. Connect your Vobot to your phone's personal hotspot using Vobot App. Set up Vobot. When it comes to the page which asks you to select a Wi-Fi for your Vobot, select the name of your phone's personal hotspot and enter the password.

2. After setting up successfully, click [settings] in the Vobot App, select [check update], and then upgrade your Vobot to firmware 0.98.3 or above.

Then, start to trying the method.

1. Open your computer. Connect your computer to your in-home Wi-Fi.

2. Please visit this link to find your IP address, gateway, subnet mask code, and DNS 1:

3. Visit myvobot.comor open Vobot App. Set up your Vobot until you need to select a Wi-Fi for your Vobot. Select your in-home Wi-Fi.

4. Enter your Wi-Fi password, tick the box to show advanced options, and change the IP settings from DHCP to Static.

5. Enter the IP address (Change the last three numbers to any number from 210 to 220), gateway, subnet mask code, DNS 1 of your Wi-Fi.

6. Then click [connect].