Mini Dock
Vobot Mini Dock
 Screen-equipped Dock, Your Portal to App, Infomation, and Customization.
Smart Display | 7-in-1 Docking Station | Custom App Development | Vobot App Gallery
Pomodoro Timer | Todo List | Make Work More Fun | Improve Work Efficiency

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Smart Screen-Portal to information
Mini Dock

Built-in App
Mini Dock

App Gallery
Mini Dock

Built Your Own App

One Click, All In Control

One-click switching of real-time function app display provides you with greater flexibility and efficiency, all under control.

Mini Dock

Pomodoro Timer

Boost your productivity and time management with the Pomodoro Technique and focused work intervals using a tomato timer.

Clock & Weather

Always Informed: Stay updated with real-time weather forecasts alongside a sleek digital clock.

Mini Dock clock weather

Mini Dock

Cryptocurrency & Stocks

Display real-time prices and key indicators of selected stocks and cryptocurrencies, assisting you in timely access to the necessary information.

Game Emulator

Rediscover vintage fun with Mini Dock's built-in Retro Games, paired with our dedicated game controller. Experience classic gaming like never before, where timeless fun meets modern convenience.

Your retro adventure starts here.

Mini Dock

Code Your Own Apps

Bring your ideas to life with Mini Dock. Code your own apps, share your innovations on Vobot App Gallery, and join a community where creativity meets technology.

Vobot App Gallery

Unleash a world of possibilities with Vobot App Gallery! Dive into the App Gallery to find and download your favorites to your Mini Dock, while continuously discovering new additions from third-party developers. A limitless, evolving digital playground awaits you.

Mini Dock

Mini Dock

Human-Machine Interaction

Featuring a screen, knob, and button, you can dive into the vast world of peripheral connections, from sensors to cameras, and explore limitless possibilities. Designed for curious and innovative minds, Mini Dock is your gateway to discovering the unknown and celebrating the spirit of geek culture.

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A Versatile and Convenient Docking Solution
Mini Dock

7-In-1 Docking Station

Must-Have for your workplace, freeing up desk space.

Super High Data Transfer Speed

The RJ45 port provides stable and high-speed Ethernet with network speeds up to 1000Mbps, ensuring efficient work and play.No need to worry about lagging internet speed at all.

Mini Dock

Mini Dock

Power Up Multiple Devices

With a maximum 90W power output from the type-C PD port, you can quickly charge your laptop and cell phone.

4K HDMI Display

Mini Dock's HDMI port provides 4K@60Hz high-definition image and video transmission capabilities, allowing you to enjoy a clearer and smoother visual experience.

Mini Dock

Improve productivity & entertainment,
perfect for any workspace
Mini Dock
Mini Dock
Mini Dock

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