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All in One Docking Station

One-click switching of real-time function app display provides you with greater flexibility and efficiency, all under control.

Mini Dock

Pomodoro Timer

Boost your productivity and time management with the Pomodoro Timer.

Beyond the basic Pomodoro features, these two features are also worth trying:

1. Adjustable time interval: you can adjust intervals to suit your work style

2. Auto screen lock: set your computer to lock the screen after each work session to remind you to take breaks. This helps you enhance efficiency while looking after your well-being.

Clock & Weather

Integrated clock + adjustable weather app, real-time updates, and display of the current city's weather-related information, such as temperature, humidity, etc., to facilitate your daily life and travel.

If bad weather is on the way, Mini Dock will alert you ahead of time so you can prepare early.

Mini Dock clock weather

Mini Dock

Cryptocurrency & Stocks

Display real-time prices and key indicators of selected stocks and cryptocurrencies, assisting you in timely access to the necessary information.

PC H/W Monitoring

See real-time computer performance like CPU, GPU details, and more to know how your computer is doing at a glance. Windows and MacOS supported.

A practical feature you cannot miss if you are passionate about computer performance!

Mini Dock

Mini Dock

Game Emulator

Rediscover vintage fun with Mini Dock's built-in Retro Games, paired with our dedicated game controller. Experience classic gaming like never before, where timeless fun meets modern convenience.

Your retro adventure starts here.

Digital Photo Album

Pick any picture you want to show on the Mini Dock. You can make them play by themselves or flip through them yourself.

Your sweet moment with your family member or fluffy friend!

Smart Screen - Portal to Information
Mini Dock

Built-in App
Mini Dock

App Gallery
Mini Dock

Built Your Own App

Mini Dock

Code Your Own Apps

Turn your ideas into reality with Mini Dock. Create your own apps, showcase your innovations on Vobot App Gallery, and connect with a community that blends creativity with technology.

Explore endless opportunities with Vobot App Gallery!

Vobot App Gallery

Browse the gallery, pick your favorites, and download them to your Mini Dock.

Keep discovering new apps from different creators, making your digital playground limitless and always changing. Jump in and start exploring now!

Mini Dock

Mini Dock

Build Your Own Ecosystem

More than just a hub, it links up with a variety of Bluetooth gadgets, acting as a cutting-edge IoT center in your workspace. Here are some possible setups:

Sedentary Behavior Monitor: With extra sensors deployed, it collects accurate data and prompts healthy movement breaks.

Sync Work Status: Update the BUSY/AVAILABLE status on a wireless e-ink door sign, sync with the Mini Dock's pomodoro timer for productive work sessions.

Temp & Humidity Monitor: Work as an IoT Hub and connect to wireless thermometer sensors. Stay informed about your surroundings.

A Versatile and Convenient Docking Solution
Mini Dock

7-In-1 Docking Station

Must-Have for your workplace, freeing up desk space.

Wired Network for More Reliability

The RJ45 port gives you a fast and reliable Ethernet connection with network speeds of up to 1000Mbps, guaranteeing smooth work and play. You won't have to deal with slow internet speeds anymore!

Mini Dock

Mini Dock

4K HDMI Display

The HDMI port on Mini Dock lets you enjoy super clear images and videos in high-definition 4K@60Hz. It gives you a better and smoother visual experience.

Power Up Multiple Devices

With a maximum 90W power output from the type-C PD port, you can quickly charge your laptop and cell phone.

Mini Dock

Improve Productivity & Entertainment,
Perfect for Any Workspace
Mini Dock
Mini Dock
Mini Dock

Mini Dock
Mini Dock
Mini Dock