How to use Vobot as a Wi-Fi hotspot?

For those of us on the go, one of the most frustrating parts of travelling is finding that the hotel room's hotspot allows only one device connection. We have laptop, smartphone, kindle at hand but they cannot share the same network. Another common issue is signal quality. When we are using hotel networks, we will often find ourselves just out of range of a strong connection.

At this point, the Vobot can bonus as a mini travel router!

Although you see a hotspot named "VOBOT-XXXX" during setup procedure, this temporally hotspot will turn off in a few minutes for security concerns. To make it permanent, first connect the Vobot to the uplink Wi-Fi network (hotel room, airport etc.), then you can go to [ / VOBOT APP] > [Settings] > [Under the Hood] > [ Wireless ], switch it to 'Relay Mode', select encryption mode, and type in a password. Hit [ Save ], in about 10 seconds, your other mobile device will find the hotspot created by Vobot.

If the hotel's Wi-Fi requires sign-in or click [agree], please read this post.